DC Super Heroes (Mattel) Series 3 Azrael
Series:DC Super Heroes (Mattel)
Subseries:Series 3
Year Released:2006
Character Profiles:Azrael
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Reviews of Azrael Toy Series
3.50 stars from hobbygoblin
Azrael is a great character, and the thigns he went through were pretty killer, but I'm saddened with how few action figures he has. As Azrael he only has 2. The annoyingly terrible Knight Force Ninjas one, and the DC Universe Classics one. I've got to say this figure is pretty expensive, and it's easily debatable whether or not he's worth it. His articulation, paint apps, and sculpt are all great, in fact, they're phenominal, but the little problems end up being pretty big. The fact that he's always hunching makes him look kind of weird, and you have to move his torso up, then move the upper half of his body abck to get him to look up, then you have to find a way to balance him. Also, his legs are sort of curved, so he always looks like he's leaning to fall over. The final problem is...[See More]
5.00 stars from Dr Nightmare
I had no clue who Azrael was when I saw him on the store-pegs but when I noticed there were only two of him and about a hundred Batmans, Robins, and Mr Freezes, I figured he had to be short-packed (and apparently he is at 1-per-case) so I snatched him up. Maybe I can re-sell him later and buy some soap, right? Azrael stands lithely at about 6.25 inches to the top of his head and 6.5 inches to the tip of his hood. The suit has a dark-red/bronzed color scheme and oh boy what a suit it is. Of all the hoods I've seen on action figures, this guy has one of the best. Nicely-shaped and it doesn't limit the ball-jointed head movement at all. His head is all black with white eyes and a red design over his nose and mouth. He has two capes, the first layer is a kind of sash with a detailed gold...[See More]
Subseries from DC Super Heroes (Mattel) Toy Series
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