Dick Tracy (Playmates) Basic Series Influence
Series:Dick Tracy (Playmates)
Subseries:Basic Series
Manufacturer #:5708
Year Released:1990
Height:5 inches
UPC:0 43377 05708 6
Age Range:4 & Up
Genres:Cartoons, TV Series
Actors:Henry Silva
User Collections:6 Users

…Calling Dick Tracy! Influence is hypnotizing an armored car driver!

Name: "Influence"
Wanted for: Practicing medicine without a license; blackmail; illegal use of hypnotism
Description: Evil-eyed former psychiatrist who uses his powers and knowledge for malicious means
Weapons: Crowbar; Colt .32
M.O.: Uses hypnotism and blackmail to manipulate situations to Big Boy’s evil advantage.
Past Crimes: Fixed 1929 World Series and racing’s Triple Crown. Accused of causing stock market crash.
Quote: "I know what yer thinking before you do."
One look into the eyes of Influence can put you into a trance of evil suggestion.

This evil ex-doctor lost his license to practice medicine after it was discovered he was using mind control to make his patients commit crimes on his behalf. Big Boy had him paroled and put him to work as his brain trust. People always said Big Boy would be really dangerous if he ever got any "influence". They were right.

Influence knows just how to get his patsies to agree with him, either hypnotizing the poor suckers or digging up black secrets from their past. He’s not above resorting to violence, but he’d rather use his peepers to scramble their brains.
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Subseries from Dick Tracy (Playmates) Toy Series
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