Aeryn Sun (The Mutation)
Farscape Series 2 Aeryn Sun (The Mutation)
Name:Aeryn Sun (The Mutation)
Subseries:Series 2
Manufacturer:Toy Vault
Manufacturer #:FS017
Year Released:2001
Height:7 inches
Genres:Sci-Fi, TV Series
Actors:Claudia Black

Aeryn Sun (Ex-PeaceKeeper)
The Mutation

Background: Born into the ruthless Peacekeepers and raised only to fight. Officer Aeryn Sun advanced quickly through the ranks, becoming an expert Prowler pilot and a member of the elite Pleisar Regiment.

Current Whereabouts: The Uncharted Territories -- aboard the fugitive Leviathan, Moya. She was deemed Irreversibly Contaminated by her former commanding officer, Captain Bialar Crais, soon after she was captured by Moya's escaped prisoners.

Mutation: A victim of evil geneticist Namtar, Aeryn Sun's DNA was spliced with that of Pilot, Moya's symbiotic partner. Although the mutation was later reversed, Aeryn still carries traces of Pilot's DNA, giving her certain intuitive knowledge of Moya's operations.

Contains: Aeryn, Peacekeeper rifle, gun, analyzer and 2 syringes.
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3.00 stars from CB2001
Hello all you figure enthusiasts, and even Farscape fans if there's any of them left. I figured (no pun intended) that I'd do my first review on one of the "Farscape" action figures from the ToyVault line. Some may agree with me, others may disagree, but I'm giving as much of an honest review. The first figure I decided to review is the episode-centric action figure of Aeryn Sun (The Mutation). This figure is modeled lightly after what happened to the character of Aeryn in the Season 1 episode, "DNA Mad Scientist." This particular figure is modeled after one of the earlier scenes in the episode, where Aeryn reveals to Crichton she was mutating from Pilot's DNA being injected into her (much later on, she's seen with a lot more alteration from the DNA). I should note, that the figure...[See More]
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