Dieter Stark
Jurassic Park - Lost World Humans - Series 1 Dieter Stark
Name:Dieter Stark
Series:Jurassic Park - Lost World
Subseries:Humans - Series 1
Manufacturer #:538916
Year Released:1996
Height:5 inches
Actors:Peter Stormare
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(with Dino Fighting Action and Compsognathus Hatchling)
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Reviews of Dieter Stark Toy Series
5.00 stars from Dewski
The figure's color schemes does not match the movie at all but it does rather perfectly match the color scheme of the Human Hunter in the Lost World: Jurassic Park game for the PlayStation and that is a pretty neat occurrence. With this figure it is possible to reenact the human hunter levels for the game, and in a pretty good way I'd say. This is all in all a good figure. He comes with some great gear and features. He has a rocket launcher, a tranquilizer rifle and a Compsognathus. The Rocket launcher and rifle fit well in his hands and do not needlessly fall out and even better he looks realistic when holding and aiming them. The rocket launcher (I always assumed it was as a kid) fits well in his hand and his tranquilizer rifle has as far as I can tell, a silencer...[See More]
4.00 stars from JOKERFC
ok even though this guy looks NOTHING like Peter Stormare I still recommend him.he has an interesing look,great weapons and looks great with any of the Lost World vehicles and other humans-plus the compy feature is kinda Husky Jake actually ate my I havent seen that feature for a while! hes an interesting addition and easily had,plus you can never have too many human figures to fill that Command Compound from JP....[See More]
4.00 stars from ems1341998
This figure is more like a military than JP figure. He has army pants, a red orange shirt, and ingen tattooed on his arm. Looks nothing like his movie self, but still cool. Came with a compy, pistol, and rifle....[See More]
4.80 stars from Mr-X
Dieter Stark was a cruel and rather stupid member of the Hunters party to Site B. Here he harassed the local dino's with his shock prod. He later got lost, lost his weapon and was attacked by the same things he taunted. Dieter stands at about 5 inches tall and looks nothing like his movie counterpart. In the movie he looks more like an gruff outdoorsmen, this guy looks like some kid in hunting gear. Dieter comes with three things, a net launcher, a pistol and a compy. One thing you may ne able to notice is that the compy has a magnet in its mouth. There is a reason for this. In Dieters chest they placed another magnet so when the compy's mouth is placed by Dieters chest, they stick together to make it look lik he's getting attacked. The pistol and net launcher are also cool. Both...[See More]
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