Smeagol (Crawling Action)
Lord of the Rings - Return of the King Series 2 Smeagol (Crawling Action)
Name:Smeagol (Crawling Action)
Series:Lord of the Rings - Return of the King
Subseries:Series 2
Manufacturer:Toy Biz
Year Released:2003
Age Range:5 & Up
Genres:Books, Movies
Actors:Andy Serkis
Character Profiles:Gollum
User Collections:6 Users
User Wishlists:2 Users

So named for the foul gurgle he makes in his throat, Gollum is a pitiable and wretched creature, enslaved by his desire for the One Ring. His need for it drives him relentlessly, corrupting his mind and twisting his tiny body into a mangled, sinewy echo of his former self. In his weary frame a fearsome debate rages between his two selves, Smeagol, the tortured bones of his old identity, and Gollum, his spiteful new self, born of the domination fo the Ring. In this debate Gollum fights to convince himself to betray his sworn master, Frodo, and take back that which he craves.
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Reviews of Smeagol (Crawling Action) Toy Series
4.00 stars from Mr-X
Well, throughout all the repacking, remaking and pissing fans off, one figure has done all these the most, Gollum. How many Gollums can we get?!? Its amusing to walk in a store months after the LOTR figures have gone off the shelves and STILL see several rows of Gollums there, most people don’t want him and I can see why. He’s small, ugly and utterly useless after the first figure. Yet we still got hordes of them. This one isn’t so bad though im not saying he’s much good. Paintjob is the same as every other Gollum, he’s grey. He'll ALWAYS be grey. Well technically grey with brown loincloth thing. What really saved this thing was his base, it at least does him some good, oh and the fact he has magnets in his feet, magnets are always fun. The base looks like the side of a cliff,...[See More]
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