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The Legends of Batman has always existed and always will, throughout history and into the distant future. Inspired by the timeless DC comics, the Legends of Batman action figure collection features the dark super hero as he's never been seen before - stronger and more muscular - battling crime throughout time.

Batman Universe, Dark Knight Universe Batman - Legends of Vehicles
Batman - Legends of - Vehicles
Released in 1994 by Kenner
A distant roar is heard approaching. As the sound comes nearer and nearer, fear rises in the throats of Gotham City's evil-doers. They know Batman is scouring the city on his super-charged Batcycle,. . .
Batman - Legends of - Vehicles
Released in 1994 by Kenner
Out of the darkness of the Batcave comes the incredible Legends Batmobile, the likes of which have never been seen before. Not merely another mode of transportation, this sleek, futuristic Batmobile . . .
Batman - Legends of - Vehicles
Released in 1995 by Kenner
(with Wing-Mount Missile and Menacing Jaw Attack!) As Batman appears throughout history - from the ancient past into the far future - he mysteriously arrives to the rescue aboard the top-secret Skyba. . .
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