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The Legends of Batman has always existed and always will, throughout history and into the distant future. Inspired by the timeless DC comics, the Legends of Batman action figure collection features the dark super hero as he's never been seen before - stronger and more muscular - battling crime throughout time.

Batman Universe, Dark Knight Universe Batman - Legends of 2-Packs
Batman - Legends of - 2-Packs
Released in 1996 by Kenner
EGYPTIAN BATMAN Many years ago, the son of a high-ranking Egyptian official disguised himself as Egyptian Batman and made it his life’s mission to put an end to evildoers. He didn’t have . . .
Batman - Legends of - 2-Packs
Released in 1996 by Kenner
PIRATE BATMAN Taking it upon himself to make the world’s waterways safe from marauding bands of looters, Pirate Batman relentlessly scoured the seas in pursuit of the most villainous of them all. . .
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