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The galaxy has never seen a moment of peace. First ravaged by the ancient Jedi wars of old, is slowly grew and repaired itself. After years of growth, it was once again by the Clone Wars. Planets were razed, lives were lost and hatred and crime grew in a discontent galaxy. In the wake of the Clone Wars, the galaxy was dealt a severe blow when it was mislead into believing the Jedi order had betrayed them and had them destroyed. The empire then rose to power and seized the galaxy, promising peace but ruling through fear and oppression. The galaxy then saw the rise of the Rebel Alliance, a growing group of freedom fighters dedicated to destroying the Empire and bringing back the Republic of old. In a galaxy ruled and lead by war, some good has come from it all. Hero's are born and prove themselves worthy of the tile by helping and saving lives. Peace may never be a true reality for the galaxy, but it can rest assured that in the midst of battle a hero will always emerge.

Star Wars Universe Star Wars - Collector Series Action Collection - Electronic
Action Collection - Electronic
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