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The battle for the fate of the galaxy is at a standstill. After destroying the first Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has secretly relocated and the Empire has responded with a desperate search. In the midst of battle, the young Jedi to be Luke Skywalker has received the call to begin his Jedi training. Traveling to the planet Dagobah alone, he discovers and ancient Jedi master and begins his training. With their friend on leave, Han Solo and company journey to the planet Bespin to collect supplies. Little do they know that a sinister enemy lies in wait and a trap has been set to capture the young heroes. The outcome of the fateful trip will decide the future of the Rebellion and the journey of a hero will further be carved in stone.

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Star Wars Universe Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back Playsets
Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back - Playsets
Released in 1982 by Kenner
Comes with claw arm & "tree limb" connector, 2 figure stand disks with slide arm attachments, blue backpack, 2 cargo crates & a small cylinder to place under R2-D2 figure (not includ. . .
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