Battle Action Mega-Armor - X-Men (Toy Biz) Checklist
Children of the Atom, soldiers for their cause, whether it be for mankind's survival or it's demise, they are hated and feared for no other reason than being born different. Out of this turmoil, the world's most powerful telepath, Charles Xavier, tries to lead humanity towards the path of peace and tolerance. Aiding him in the struggle are his champions, The X-Men, mutants believing firmly in Xavier's dream of a better tomorrow for all man and mutant-kind.

X-Men Universe X-Men Battle Action Mega-Armor
Battle Action Mega-Armor
X-Men - Battle Action Mega-Armor
Released in 1997 by Toy Biz
Spinning Rainclould Shield, Metallic Body Armor, Crushing Thunder Claw, Metallic Boots
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