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The American West has always held its share of interesting people. There are the good, the ones who strove for justice, peace and safety. On the other side on the ball exist the criminals of the West, people who disregard the law, peace, justice and everything that doesn't benefit them. Never the less, no matter which side has who, the West will forever be changed by each individual person, but will the change be for the better or for the worst?

Best of the West Universe Best of the West (Marx) Playsets
Best of the West (Marx) - Playsets
Released in 1966 by Marx
The Circle X Ranch was a cardboard large put-together playset which included fence, bunkhouse (kitchen, table, chair, stove, bunk beds), stable. Folded out to about 4 1/2 feet long. No figures or hors. . .
Best of the West (Marx) - Playsets
Released in 1967 by Marx
This large cardboard Fort Apache is over 36" long assembled. It included vinyl tepee (the same as the single boxed one), cardboard desk, jailhouse, bunkbed, observation tower, bunkbed, shooting s. . .
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