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Mars, considered barren and devoid of life is in under devastation. During the final hours of the Martian world, three of the plants Mice inhabitants, Throttle, Modo and Vinnie, three brothers, escape and land on earth. Here they attempt to adapt to the changes of a new world and everything it brings with it. There new home isn't as safe as they thought though. The same race that came to their planet has stumbled upon Earth, and they play for keeps. Its up to the brothers and their Earth pals to take the fight back to the aliens and to protect their new homes at all costs. They are the Biker Mice from Mars!

Biker Mice From Mars Universe Biker Mice From Mars Gift Sets
Gift Sets
Biker Mice From Mars - Gift Sets
Released in 1995 by Galoob
MODO AND HIS MARTIAN SPEEDER MODO Height: 6' 5" Weight: 240 lbs. MARTIAN SPEEDER Super features: Lightning laser guns with double-barrel shooting action; Galaxy Glide Wheels Heads up, Biker Bud. . .
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