Series 1 - Kia Asamiya - Batman (Yamato) Checklist
Greed. Corruption. Murder. Hatred. All things that guide men to turn on their fellow man and seek ways to destroy or exploit. In Gotham City, this is no different then anywhere else. A dark city, from the darkness men arise who seek to rule and claim all as their own. All hope is not lost though. For in a place where so much evil is spawned, good has also come in the form of another. One who knows these words all too well and has sworn to make sure they don't affect anyone else as they have done to him. Taking the form of the bat, this man has stepped up to fight evil. He is Batman and he's out to liberate his city from all those who hold it in the shadows.

Batman Universe, Dark Knight Universe Batman (Yamato) Series 1 - Kia Asamiya
Series 1 - Kia Asamiya
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