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Cartoons were always a kids thing…but not anymore! Introducing the time block known as "Adult Swim" on Cartoon Network. On during the late hours of the day, Adult Swim is the time when all the mature and adult cartoons premiere and they've got it all! Ranging from shows like Family Guy to Full Metal Alchemist, Adult Swim has something for everyone who like comedy and/or Anime type shows. Now in figure form, major characters from the many shows have been brought to life as plastic. Made for collectors and enthusiast alike, these figures and their shows are sure to please fans everywhere.

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Adult Swim Universe Adult Swim Exclusives
Adult Swim - Exclusives
Released in 2005 by Palisades
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Includes broodwich, sunglasses, floatie, figure base If you ask what Aqua Teen Hunger Force is about, it may not be the show for you. They're not teens. There's very little . . .
Adult Swim - Exclusives
Released in 2005 by Palisades
Sealab 2021 Includes dolphin, alarm clock, tv, underwater camera, mingus dew soda, whisky bottles, whisky glass, two figure bases. The year is 2021. Deep below the ocean's surface looms a vast, mag. . .
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