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Taking off right after the Valor vs Venom Movie GI Joe Sigma 6 begins. The Cobra Commander has escaped and is ready to cause the world havoc once more. With new technology and an Army of BATS to command the Cobra Commander may be unstoppable!!

The Sigma 6 figures are your classic Joe character with an all new 8" upgrade. Each figure comes with tons of cool accessories that can be attached to them in a multitude of ways. Each figure has a sculpt that closely resembles their animated counterpart each with tons of articulation for many cool poses. New faces, new weapons, same attitude YO JOE!

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G.I. Joe Universe G.I. Joe - Sigma Six Basic Series
Basic Series
G.I. Joe - Sigma Six - Basic Series
Released in 2006 by Hasbro
CODENAME: DUKE CLEARANCE STATUS: G1 SPECIALTY: GLOBAL RECONNAISSANCE PERSONAL HISTORY: DUKE is highly experience in the unique challenges of sub-zero conditions from his missions in the Siberian tund. . .
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