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In the year 1916, Russia is in turmoil. The Czar and his family have just been overthrown and murdered, the only survivor is the Czar's young daughter, Anastasia. 10 Years later, Anastasia has grown into a young woman but plagued by amnesia brought on by her flee from the Russian coup. Recognized by a young man who once worked as a servant at the Russian palace, she is swept into a scam to be "returned" to her throne. As Anastasia and the young man, Demetri, grow closer and as the former begins to remember who she is, evil begins to stir in the darkness. Grigori Rasputin, an old advisor to the Czar and instigator of the coup has plans to seize the Russian thrown…and Anastasia isn't in them!!! Now the young heir to the throne is on a journey to re-find herself, all the while staying one step ahead of the treacherous Rasputin…

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