All the action figure related characters that have been manufactured in the Mortal Kombat Universe
Cyrax  (Special Forces)
Goro  (Shao Khan's army)
Jade  (Shao Khan's army)
Jax  (Special Forces)
Johnny Cage
Kano  (Black Dragon)
Kitana  (Shao Khan's army (formerly))
Kotal Kahn
Kung Lao  (White Lotus Society)
Liu Kang  (White Lotus Society)
Mileena  (Shao Khan's army)
Noob Saibot  (Brotherhood of the Shadow)
Quan Chi  (Brotherhood of the Shadow)
Rayden  (Lesser Gods)
Reptile  (Shao Khan's Army)
Scorpion  (Shirai Ryu)
Shang Tsung  (Shao Khan's army)
Shao Kahn  (Shao Khan's army)
Smoke  (Lin Kuei)
Sonya Blade  (Special Forces)
Sub-Zero  (Lin Kuei)

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