All the action figure related characters that have been manufactured in the Masters of the Universe Universe
Artilla  (Galactic Guardians)
Astro Lion  (Meteorbs)
Battle Cat  (Heroic Warriors)
Battle Lion  (Council of Elders)
Beast Man  (Evil Warriors)
Bionatops  (Heroic Warriors)
Blast-Attak  (Snake Men)
Bow  (Great Rebellion)
Butthead  (Evil Mutants)
Buzz-Off  (Heroic Warriors)
Chief Carnivus  (Eternian Council)
Clamp Champ  (Heroic Warriors)
Clawful  (Evil Warriors)
Comet Cat  (Heroic Meteorbs)
Cometroid  (Heroic Meteorbs)
Count Marzo
Crocobite  (Evil Meteorbs)
Dinosorb  (Evil Meteorbs)
Draego-Man  (Evil Warriors)
Dragstor  (Evil Horde)
Earthquake  (Evil Mutants)
Eternian Palace Guard  (Heroic Warriors)
Evil-Lyn  (Evil Warriors)
Extendar  (Heroic Warriors)
Faceless One  (Council of Elders)
Faker  (Evil Warriors)
Fan-Man  (Evil Warriors)
Fearless Photog  (Gwildor)
Fisto  (Heroic Warriors)
Fisto  (Heroic Warriors)
Flipshot  (Galactic Guardians)
Flogg  (Evil Mutants)
Frosta  (Great Rebellion)
Goddess  (Heroic Warriors)
Gore-Illa  (Evil Meteorbs)
Griffin  (Evil Warriors)
Grizzlor  (Evil Horde)
Gwildor  (Heroic Warriors)
Gygor  (Evil Warriors)
He-Man  (Heroic Warriors)
He-Ro  (Heroic Warriors)
Hoove  (Evil Mutants)
Hordak  (Evil Horde)
Horde Prime  (Evil Horde)
Horde Trooper  (Evil Horde)
Hydron  (Galactic Guardians)
Jewelstar  (Great Rebellion)
Jitsu  (Evil Warriors)
Karatti  (Evil Mutants)
Kayo  (Galactic Guardians)
Keldor  (Evil Warriors)
King Greyskull  (Council of Eldars)
King Hiss  (Snake Men)
King Randor  (Heroic Warriors)
Kobra Khan  (Snake Men)
Leech  (Evil Horde)
Lizorr  (Evil Mutants)
Man-At-Arms  (Heroic Warriors)
Man-E-Faces  (Heroic Warriors)
Mantenna  (Evil Horde)
Mantisaur  (Evil Horde)
Megator  (Evil Horde)
Mekaneck  (Heroic Warriors)
Mer-Man  (Evil Warriors)
Mighty Spector
Mo-Larr  (Evil Warriors)
Modulok  (Evil Horde)
Monstroid  (Evil Horde)
Mosquitor  (Evil Horde)
Moss Man  (Heroic Warriors)
Multi-Bot  (Evil Horde)
Netossa  (Great Rebellion)
Ninjor  (Evil Warriors)
Nocturna  (Galactic Guardians)
Optikk  (Evil Mutants)
Orbear  (Evil Meteorbs)
Orko  (Heroic Warriors)
Panthor  (Evil Warriors)
Prince Adam  (Heroic Warriors)
Ram Man  (Heroic Warriors)
Rattlor  (Snake Men)
Rhinorb  (Evil Meteorbs)
Rio-Blast  (Heroic Warriors)
Roboto  (Heroic Warriors)
Rokkon  (Heroic Warriors)
Rotar  (Heroic Warriors)
Saurod  (Evil Warriors)
Scare Glow  (Evil Warriors)
Scorpia  (Evil Horde)
Screech  (Evil Warriors)
Shadow Weaver  (Evil Horde)
She-Ra  (Great Rebellion)
Sir Laser-Lot  (Council of Elders)
Skeletor  (Evil Warriors)
Slushhead  (Evil Mutants)
Snake Face  (Snake Men)
Snake Men  (Snake Men)
Snout Spout  (Heroic Warriors)
Sorceress  (Heroic Warriors)
Spikor  (Evil Warriors)
Spinnerella  (Great Rebellion)
Spinwit  (Galactic Guardians)
SSSqueeze  (Snake Men)
Staghorn  (Evil Mutants)
Starla  (Great Rebellion)
Stinkor  (Evil Warriors)
Stonedar  (Heroic Warriors)
Stratos  (Heroic Warriors)
Strobo  (Cosmic Enforcers)
Swift Wind  (Great Rebellion)
Sy-Klone  (Heroic Warriors)
Tallstar  (Great Rebellion)
Teela  (Heroic Warriors)
Tirantisaurus  (Snake Men)
Trap Jaw  (Evil Warriors)
Tri-Klops  (Evil Warriors)
Tung Lashor  (Snake Men)
Tuskador  (Galactic Guardians)
Tuskor  (Heroic Meteorbs)
Twistoid  (Evil Warriors)
Two Bad  (Evil Warriors)
Ty-Grrr  (Heroic Meteorbs)
Tytus  (Council of Elders)
Vizar  (Galactic Guardians)
Webstor  (Evil Warriors)
Whiplash  (Evil Warriors)
Zoar  (Heroic Warriors)
Zodac  (Cosmic Enforcers)

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