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On Stardate 4211.4, the U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk returned to a primitive world Kirk had surveyed thirteen years before. Although its people were once peaceful and passive, the landing party found that the Villagers had been armed with flintlock muskets by the Klingons, which they used to hunt the Hill People. While on the planet, Kirk was twice attacked by an indigenous, apelike carnivore called a Mugatu. This creature rarely stays in one place, and often travels at night. Its mate often can be found nearby.

Kirk was bitten by the first Mugatu, which had poisonous fangs. A local Kahn-ut-tu woman name Nona used a native herb called a Mako Root to counter the poison. The Mugatu's mate later attacked Kirk and Nona. The captain was forced to destroy it with his phaser to save their lives.
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All Produced Mugatu Action Figures
1976MegoStar Trek (Mego)Series 3Mugatu
1997PlaymatesStar Trek (Playmates)Series 5Mugatu
 2 Action Figures Produced
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