Origin:Live-action TV
Universe:Star Trek

Vash first met Captain Jean Luc Picard on the resort planet of Risa in 2366. She is known to the Federation because of her dealings with the mysterious omnipotent being Q, whom Vash met on space station Deep Space Nine. Beautiful and highly intelligent, Vash is also extremely enterprising and opportunistic. She sees archaeology as a vehicle for amassing a personal fortune. Vash is reputed for her discovery of the Tox Uthat, a fabled device that is capable of killing a star. In her quest for the Tox Uthat, she recruited the help of Captain Picard, who was vacationing on the planet at the time. Ultimately, to the regret of Vash, Picard destroyed the potentially dangerous space-altering device. In spite of Q's behavior, Vash continued her association with him and agreed to accompany him on an exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. Vash eventually split with Q and embarked on her own exploratory mission. At the end of her travels she returned to Deep Space Nine to auction the artifacts she had found in the Gamma Quadrant. Unknown to her at the time, the crystal egg, her most beautiful article, contained a life-from that generated a graviton field that nearly destroyed the space station. Deductive reasoning and quick thinking saved Deep Space Nine from total destruction.
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1995PlaymatesStar Trek - Deep Space Nine (Playmates)Series 3Vash (Mysterious Galactic Archaeologist)
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