Dial Tone
Name:Dial Tone
Real Name:Jack Morelli
Base of Operations:The Pit
Created By:Larry Hama
1st Appearance:G.I. Joe Special Missions #2
Universe:G.I. Joe
Affiliations:G.I. Joe

Dial-Tone built his own crystal set when he was ten. By fourteen he was part of a CB net, and had his own ham station by the time he was sixteen. Dial-Tone made all his own equipment, buying parts with quarters earned bagging groceries. He saw the army as a means to furthering his education in his chosen field and quickly found that instead of a stepping stone, it was a goal in itself. Manning a radio in the field wasn't just passing timeā€“it was a job with a purpose.
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All Produced Dial Tone Action Figures
1986HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 5Dial-Tone
1986HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 5 - Mission BrazilDial-Tone
1991HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 9 -Sonic FightersDial-Tone
1994HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 13 - Battle CorpsDial-Tone
1994HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 13 - Battle CorpsDial-Tone
2000HasbroG.I. Joe - A Real American HeroSeries 1General Tomahawk / Dial Tone
2002HasbroG.I. Joe - A Real American HeroSeries 3 - Box SetsSound Attack 8-Pack
2003HasbroG.I. Joe vs. CobraExclusivesTiger Force (Toys R Us)
 8 Action Figures Produced
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