Real Name:Marvin Hinton
Base of Operations:the Pit
Created By:Larry Hama
1st Appearance:G.I. Joe #22
Universe:G.I. Joe
Affiliations:G.I. Joe

Roadblock's dream was to be a gourmet chef. He was working as a bouncer to earn money to attend Escoffier School in France when an army recruiter convinced him that the army could train him to be a chef. Roadblock joined but found army menus and preparation techniques too appalling. Transferred to the infantry.
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All Produced Roadblock Action Figures
1984HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 3Roadblock
1986HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 5Roadblock
1988HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 7 - Tiger ForceRoadblock
1989HasbroTransformers - Generation 1Series 6Roadblock
1992HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 11Roadblock
1993HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 12 - Battle CorpsRoadblock
1993HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 12 - Star BrigadeRoadblock
1993HasbroG.I. Joe - Hall of FameSeries 4Roadblock (Combat Camo)
1994HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 13 - Star BrigadeRoadblock
1995HasbroTransformers - Generation 2Auto RollersRoadblock
2002HasbroG.I. Joe - A Real American HeroSeries 3 - Box SetsSound Attack 8-Pack
2003HasbroG.I. Joe vs. CobraMission DiscsRoadblock
2003HasbroG.I. Joe vs. CobraSpy TroopsRoadblock vs. Dreadnock Ripper
2003HasbroTransformers - EnergonPowerlinx Battles - Deluxe ClassRoadblock
2004HasbroG.I. Joe - Valor vs VenomExclusivesAnti-Venom Task Force (Toys R Us)
2004HasbroG.I. Joe - Valor vs VenomExclusivesNight Force (Toys R Us)
2004HasbroG.I. Joe - Valor vs VenomExclusivesRoadblock / Cobra C.L.A.W.S. (Wal-Mart)
2005HasbroG.I. Joe - Valor vs VenomExclusivesHeavy Assault Squad (Toys R Us)
2007HasbroG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryBox SetsG.I. Joe Team Set #1
2008HasbroG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryBox SetsG.I. Joe Battle Set (Resolute)
2008HasbroG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryDVD Battle PacksM.A.S.S. Device
2008HasbroG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryWave 4Roadblock
2008HasbroG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryWave 8Roadblock (City Assault) (v2)
2015TakaraTransformers - Adventure SeriesWave 1Roadblock
 24 Action Figures Produced
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