Real Name:Charlie Iron-Knife
Aliases:Spirit Iron-Knife
Base of Operations:The Pit
Created By:Larry Hama
1st Appearance:G.I. Joe #31
Universe:G.I. Joe
Affiliations:G.I. Joe

Spirit comes from a family so far below the poverty line that they never realized they were poor. Was a hunting guide through high school. Served in Southeast Asia, then as a civilian completed his education. Returned to the service for reasons inexplicable to anyone but a Native American mystic warrior. Spirit is the ultimate Native American mystic warrior. He's a shaman of deep mystery, a peerless tracker, and a doctor of Psychology.
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All Produced Spirit Action Figures
1984HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 3Spirit
1989HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 8 - Slaughter's MaraudersSpirit
1992HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 11 - Air CommandosG.I. Joe Glider (with Spirit)
1992HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 11 - Air CommandosSpirit
1993HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 12 - Mail OrderSpirit (International Action Force)
2010HasbroG.I. Joe - Pursuit of CobraExclusivesSpirit (Jungle Assault) (Toys R Us)
 6 Action Figures Produced
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