Real Name:Ororo Munroe
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Height:5' 11"
Weight:58 kg
Origin:Comic book
Created By:Howard Mackie & Tom Raney
1st Appearance:Mutant X #1
Affiliations:The Six

Ororo Munroe was once the X-Man code-named Storm for her ability to control the weather. After a horrific encounter with Dracula, she died and returned as a vampire. Soon thereafter, she left the X-Men, seeking answers about herself and her new state-of-being. She later returned to join Havok’s mutant superteam, the Six, calling herself Bloodstorm. Ororo retained her mutant power of weather control but now has the preternatural gifts of the living dead at her disposal, making her an even more formidable opponent. Bloodstorm can transform her body into mist, summon and control the myriad creatures of the night and on occasion use an "hypnotic stare" to hold humans in her thrall. Her vampiric nature amplifies her control of the forces of nature but makes her unpredictable in battle.
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