Real Name:Brian Forrest
Base of Operations:The Pit
Created By:Larry Hama
1st Appearance:G.I. Joe #47
Universe:G.I. Joe
Affiliations:G.I. Joe

Wet-Suit has been characterized as being "175 pounds of mean on the hoof" and is definitely not known for his social graces. He is not the type who goes over very well at the Chaplain Assistants' Social Tea, but he is exactly the dude you want behind you when you run into a gaggle of Cobra Eels in a shallow mine field. Amazing how much damage he can do with a Ka-Bar knife and a weighted belt. Wet-Suit is the head-honcho in charge of piloting the G.I. Joe Barracuda.
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All Produced Wet-Suit Action Figures
1986HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 5Wet-Suit
1986HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 5 - Mission BrazilWet-Suit
1992HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 11Wet-Suit
1993HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 12 - Battle CorpsWet-Suit
1998HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 15Navy Assault Unit
2001HasbroG.I. Joe - A Real American HeroSeries 2Wet-Suit / Wet Down
2002HasbroG.I. Joe - A Real American HeroSeries 3 - Box SetsSound Attack 8-Pack
2002HasbroG.I. Joe vs. CobraBasic FiguresWet-Suit vs. Cobra Moray (Black)
2002HasbroG.I. Joe vs. CobraBasic FiguresWet-Suit vs. Cobra Moray (Red)
2008HasbroG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryBox SetsAssault on Cobra Island
 10 Action Figures Produced
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