Angel (Angelus)
Name:Angel (Angelus)
Real Name:Liam
Origin:Galway, Ireland
Base of Operations:Sunnydale CA, then Los Angeles, CA
Created By:Joss Whedon
Actors:David Boreanaz
1st Appearance:Ep. 1,
Universe:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Affiliations:Sired by Darla in 1753, Sire to Drusilla in 1860

Dark, brooding, mysterious Angel. He was doomed to be a vampire of eternity until a gypsy curse changed his destiny and returned his soul to his soulless body. Now, not only does he regret his past heinous actions, but he relives them every day. So he lives alone, guilt ridden into never killing again. Experiencing one moment of true happiness will turn him back into Angelus, the evil, centuries-old vampire that he really is.
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All Produced Angel (Angelus) Action Figures
1999Exclusive PremiereBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Exclusive Premiere)Basic FiguresAngel
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)Boxed Set ExclusivesBuffy / Angel / Willow / Master (Musicland)
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)ExclusivesAngel (Vampire) (Diamond)
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)Series 1Angel
2002MooreAngel (Moore)ExclusivesVampire Angel (Leather Jacket) (MAC Club)
2002MooreAngel (Moore)ExclusivesVampire Angel (Previews)
2002MooreAngel (Moore)Series 1Angel
2003SideshowBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Sideshow)Basic FiguresAngel
2005Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)Basic FiguresAngel (Season 5)
2005Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)Deluxe Figures - Series 2Angel (50s Angel) (Time and Space Toys)
2005Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)ExclusivesAngel (Pylean Demon) (Time & Space Toys)
2005Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)ExclusivesAngel (The Ring) (
2005Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)ExclusivesVampire Angel (Tower Records)
2005Diamond SelectBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Diamond Select)ExclusivesAngel (Graduation Day) (Suncoast)
2005PalisadesBuffy PalzExclusivesAngel (Previews Exclusive)
2005SideshowBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Sideshow)Basic FiguresAngel: Origins (Liam / Angelus)
2005SideshowBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Sideshow)SDCC ExclusiveAngel (Vampire)
2005SideshowBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Sideshow)Sideshow ExclusiveAngel: Origins (Liam / Angelus)
2006Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)Deluxe Figures - Series 2Angel (Destiny)
2006Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)Deluxe Figures - Series 2Angel (Destiny) (Battle Damaged)
2006Diamond SelectBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Diamond Select)Deluxe Figures - Series 3Angel & Spike (Hawaiian)(Previews)
2006Diamond SelectBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Diamond Select)Exclusives - 2-PacksProm Buffy & Angel (Previews)
2006PalisadesBuffy PalzExclusivesAngel (Wizard World Chicago)
2006SideshowAngel (Sideshow)Basic FiguresAngel
2006SideshowAngel (Sideshow)Sideshow ExclusiveAngel
 25 Action Figures Produced
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