Cordelia Chase
Name:Cordelia Chase
Real Name:Cordelia Chase
Origin:Sunnydale High
Created By:Joss Whedon
Actors:Charisma Carpenter
1st Appearance:Episode
Universe:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Affiliations:Scooby Gang(Buffy),Angel Investigations,The Powers That Be

Cordelia is the popular girl prototype that exudes vanity, sarcasm and style. She was born to be popular (it's not only her right, but her responsibility) but she finds herself inexplicably drawn into the Slayer's circle of "loser" friends where she occasionally lends a hand to fight evil.

After her family suffers a major financial setback, Cordelia Chase is forced to give up her college-bound plans and pursue her Hollywood dreams. Ever self-centered, confident, and sarcastic, she runs into bad luck and then runs into Angel while in Los Angeles and immediately talks him into hiring her as his girl-Friday and fellow crime-fighter at Angel Investigations. Later she acquires the "gift" of painful visions, and becomes a vital partner in Angel's quest to "help the helpless."
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All Produced Cordelia Chase Action Figures
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)Boxed Set ExclusivesXander / Cordelia / Cheerleader Cordelia (Musicland)
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)ExclusivesCordelia (Cheerleader) (Action Figure Express)
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)Series 3Cordelia
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)Series 3Cordelia (Pre-Production)
2002Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)ExclusivesCordelia (Pylean Princess) (Previews)
2002MooreAngel (Moore)ExclusivesCordelia (Short Hair) (2002 SDCC)
2002MooreAngel (Moore)ExclusivesCordelia (Slave) (Suncoast)
2002MooreAngel (Moore)ExclusivesCordelia (Slave) (Toyfare)
2002MooreAngel (Moore)Series 1Cordelia
2005PalisadesBuffy PalzSeries 2Cordelia
2006Diamond SelectAngel (Diamond Select)ExclusivesCordelia (You're Welcome) (Action Figure Express)
2006Diamond SelectBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Diamond Select)Basic FiguresCordelia (The Wish)
2006SideshowAngel (Sideshow)Web ExclusiveCordelia Chase
 13 Action Figures Produced
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