Real Name:Daniel Osbourne
Origin:Live-action TV
Actors:Seth Green
1st Appearance:Episode "Inca Mummy Girl"
Universe:Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Affiliations:Scooby Gang

Oz is a brainy slacker guitarist possessing trademark stoicism. Adding to all the chaos that is the Hellmouth, Oz also has to deal with his monthly metamorphosis into a werewolf.
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All Produced Oz Action Figures
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)Boxed Set ExclusivesBuffy / Giles / Oz (Sam Goody)
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)ExclusivesOz (Green T-Shirt) (Entertainment Earth)
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)ExclusivesOz (Werewolf) (Diamond)
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)Series 2Oz
1999MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)Series 2Oz (Pre-Production)
2000MooreBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Moore)ExclusivesOz (Werewolf) (Pre-Production)
2005PalisadesBuffy PalzExclusivesOz (Wild at Heart) (Comic Con)
2005PalisadesBuffy PalzSeries 2Oz (Blue Shirt)
2005PalisadesBuffy PalzSeries 2Oz (Red & Green Shirt)
2005SideshowBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Sideshow)Basic FiguresOz
2005SideshowBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Sideshow)SDCC ExclusiveOz (Werewolf)
2005SideshowBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Sideshow)Sideshow ExclusiveOz
 12 Action Figures Produced
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