Mr. Freeze
Name:Mr. Freeze
Real Name:Victor Fries
Publisher:DC Comics
Base of Operations:Gotham City
Created By:Bob Kane, Dave Wood & Sheldon Moldoff
1st Appearance:Batman #121
Powers:can generate ice with either a handheld gun or wrist-mounted ones (depending of the armor model). His armor also gives him superhuman strenght.

A severe laboratory accident forced Mr. Freeze to forever require zero-degree temperature in order to survive. For this reason, he wears a special climate-controlled suit. A brilliant but deranged scientist, Mr. Freeze could plunge the world into a second Ice Age!
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All Produced Mr. Freeze Action Figures
1986KennerSuper PowersSeries 3Mr. Freeze
1990Toy BizDC Comics SuperheroesBasic FiguresMr. Freeze
1990Toy BizDC Comics SuperheroesBasic FiguresMr. Freeze
1993KennerBatman - Animated SeriesSeries 3Mr. Freeze
1996KennerBatman - Adventures of Batman & RobinDuo Force - Series 1Mr. Freeze
1997KennerBatman & Robin12" ScaleMr. Freeze
1997KennerBatman & RobinDeluxe FiguresMr. Freeze (Ice Terror)
1997KennerBatman & RobinSeries 1Mr. Freeze (Ice Blast)
1998KennerBatman - Mission MastersSeries 1Mr. Freeze (Insect-Body)
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2Mr. Freeze (Cryonic Blast Bazooka)
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2 (with Batman Ring)Mr. Freeze (Jet Wing)
1998KennerBatman & RobinSeries 2 (with Batman Ring)Mr. Freeze (Ultimate Armor)
2000KennerBatman - Mission MastersSeries 3Mr. Freeze (Virus Attack)
2002KennerBatman - Mission MastersSeries 4Mr. Freeze (Rocket Blast)
2003MattelBatman (Mattel)Series 2Mr. Freeze (Ice Cannon)
2003MattelBatman (Mattel)Series 2Mr. Freeze (Ice Cannon)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedBasic FiguresMr. Freeze
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedMulti-Packs4-Pack: Freeze, Joker, Anti-Freeze & Power Disc
2006MattelBatman - Extreme PowerBasic FiguresMr. Freeze (Ice Blast)
2006MattelBatman - Extreme PowerBonus DVDMr. Freeze
2006MattelBatman - Shadow-TekBasic FiguresMr. Freeze
2006MattelDC Super Heroes (Mattel)Series 3Mr. Freeze
2011MattelBatman - Power AttackBasic FiguresMr. Freeze (Ice Blast)
2011MattelBatman LegacyWave 1Mr. Freeze (Silver Age)
2012DC DirectBatman - Arkham CityDeluxe FiguresMr. Freeze
2014DC CollectiblesDesigner SeriesGreg Capullo's Batman - Series 2Mr. Freeze
2014MattelDC Comics MultiverseWave 1Mr. Freeze (Arkham City)
2015DC CollectiblesBatman - New Adventures (2015)Wave 1Mr. Freeze (NBA)
2018FunkoDC Primal AgeBasic FiguresMr. Freeze
2018FunkoDC Primal AgeBasic FiguresMr. Freeze (Ice Mode) (NYCC)
2018FunkoDC Universe (Funko)ReAction FiguresMr. Freeze (Batman Classic)
 31 Action Figures Produced
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