Real Name:Selina Kyle
Publisher:DC Comics
Weight:125 lbs.
Origin:Gotham City
Base of Operations:Gotham City
Created By:Bob Kane & Bill Finger
1st Appearance:Batman #1 (Spring 1940)
Affiliations:Batman Family, Birds of Prey, The Outsiders, The Secret Society of Super-Villains, Injustice League, Justice League United
Powers:The Catwoman is an excellent athlete and superb hand-to-hand combatant. Tremendously agile and light on her feet, she has a superior sense of balance. Catwoman's trademark weapons are her cat-o'-nine-tails, which can maim or even kill, and her claws,

Of all the women the Batman has encountered over his long career, Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, is without a doubt the deadliest and most formidable. Equipped with a cat-o'-nine-tails and other catlike weapons, she specializes in committing crimes and robberies around a cat motif. As a girl, young Selina was the product of a broken and unhappy home where her only friends were the numerous cats her family adopted and cared for. Selina was particularly close to her older sister, Magdalene, but the two grew up to follow divergent paths: Magdalene sought solace in the church and became a nun, while Selina ran away from home at age fifteen and quickly fell victim to the pimps and criminals who preyed upon young, pretty homeless girls lost in a cruel city. By age seventeen, Selina had fallen in with a loathsome pimp named Stan, who beat her severely enough to land her in the hospital. There, she met Detective Flannery, a tough but soft-hearted cop who saw in Selina an inner fire that might, with help, burn brightly enough to light the way to a better life. Under Flannery's direction, Selina took self-defense lessons from Ted Grant, a former heavyweight champion who fought crime in the '40s and '50s as Wildcat, and under his tutelage regained some of her self-confidence. Most of Grant's and Flannery's hard work, unfortunately, was undone by Stan, who was waiting for Selina when she returned home and who seduced her back into a life of prostitution. Shortly thereafter, though, Gotham City was introduced to a new crimefighter, the Batman, whose costume and modus operandi became an icon of fear among the criminal underworld. Inspired by the Dark Knight, Selina donned a leather cat costume and sought her own brand of justice, beating Stan within an inch of his life. Afterwards, Selina undertook a new line of work as a cat burglar. Ironically, though her first crime spree was mistakenly attributed to the still-mysterious Batman, Seline — now the "Catwoman" — met the Gotham Guardian only after Batman helped her rescue Magdalene from Stan, who had kidnapped her in revenge for his beating. Though both Batman and Catwoman both felt an undeniable attraction to each other from the moment they met and have since encountered each other countless times, nether can act upon their feelings without compromising their side of the law. That being said, in recent years, Selina has vacillated between a life of crime and one of super-heroics, most recently being a member of a branch of the Justice League.
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All Produced Catwoman Action Figures
1978MegoWorld's Greatest (Mego)Super HeroesCatwoman
1992ERTLBatman Returns (ERTL)Die-CastCatwoman
1992KennerBatman - Animated SeriesSeries 2Catwoman
1992KennerBatman ReturnsSeries 1Catwoman
1993ERTLBatman - Animated Series (ERTL)Die CastCatwoman
1994KennerBatman - Animated SeriesDie Cast - Action MastersCatwoman
1994KennerBatman - Legends ofSeries 1Catwoman
1996KennerBatman - Legends of12" ScaleBatman vs Catwoman
1996KennerBatman - Legends of2-PacksEgyptian Batman vs Egyptian Catwoman
1997KennerBatman - Legends ofWarner Brothers Exclusive - Series 3Catwoman
1997KennerBatman - Legends of the Dark KnightSeries 2Catwoman (Panther Prowl)
1997KennerBatman - Movie CollectionBasic FiguresBatman vs. Catwoman
2002HasbroBatman - Spectrum of the BatBasic FiguresCatwoman (Technocast)
2004DC DirectBatman - HushSeries 2Catwoman
2004DC DirectBatman - Kia AsamiyaWave 1Catwoman
2004DC DirectBatman - Long HalloweenBasic FiguresCatwoman
2004DC DirectDC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesBox SetsBatman
2004DC DirectDC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesExclusivesCatwoman (Chicago Wizard World)
2004DC DirectSilver AgeClassicCatwoman & The Penguin
2004Diamond SelectC3 ConstructionWave 1Mini Batmobile (with Batman / Robin)
2005DC DirectBatman (DC Direct)Yamato Imports - Wave 3Catwoman
2005DC DirectDC DirectDeluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]Catwoman
2005DC DirectDC DirectDeluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]Catwoman (Classic)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (24K Gold Idol) (SDCC)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (American Flag Idol) (SDCC)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (Antique Wood Idol) (SDCC)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (Flocked Pink Idol) (SDCC)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (Gray Idol) (SDCC)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (Jade Idol) (SDCC)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (Obsidian Idol) (SDCC)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (Ruby Idol) (SDCC)
2005MattelBatman - New AnimatedExclusivesCatwoman (Silver Idol) (SDCC)
2005YamatoBatman (Yamato)Series 1 - Kia AsamiyaCatwoman
2005YamatoBatman (Yamato)Series 3Catwoman
2006DC DirectBatman - KnightfallBasic FiguresCatwoman
2006MattelBatman - Extreme PowerMulti-Pack4 Pk: Catwoman, Knight & Midnight Batman, Penguin
2007MattelDC Super Heroes (Mattel)Series 8Catwoman
2007MattelDC Universe ClassicsFighting FiguresCatwoman vs. Batman
2009MattelDC Infinite HeroesSetsGotham City Patrol
2009MattelDC Universe ClassicsExclusivesGotham City 5 (Wal-Mart)
2010DC DirectDC OriginsSeries 1 - 2-PacksCatwoman
2011MattelBatman LegacyWave 3Catwoman
2011MattelBatman LegacyWave 3 - 2-PacksCatwoman / Batman (Arkham City)
2011MattelBatman LegacyWave 3 - 2-PacksCatwoman / Batman (Arkham City)
2012DC DirectBatman - Arkham CitySeries 2Catwoman
2012MattelDark Knight RisesMovie Masters - Series 2Catwoman (Goggles Down)
2012MattelDark Knight RisesMovie Masters - Series 2Catwoman (Goggles Up)
2013Play Arts KaiBatman - Arkham City (Play Arts Kai)Basic FiguresCatwoman
2014DC CollectiblesDesigner SeriesGreg Capullo's Batman - Series 2Catwoman
2014DC CollectiblesInjustice: Gods Among UsBasic FiguresCatwoman vs Doomsday
2014FunkoHeroes (Funko)Pop! Vinyl FiguresCatwoman 1966
2014MattelDC Comics MultiverseBasic FiguresCatwoman (Arkham City)
2015DC CollectiblesBatman - Arkham KnightSeries 2Catwoman
2015DC CollectiblesBatman - New Adventures (2015)Wave 1Catwoman (TAS)
2015DC CollectiblesDesigner SeriesJae LeeCatwoman
2015MattelBatman - Classic TV SeriesBasic FiguresCatwoman
2016Bif Bang Pow!Pin MatesBasic FiguresCatwoman
2017Bif Bang Pow!Pin MatesBasic FiguresCatwoman
2017DC CollectiblesDesigner SeriesDarwyn CookeCatwoman
2018FunkoDC Universe (Funko)ReAction FiguresCatwoman (Batman Classic)
2018FunkoHeroes (Funko)Pop! Vinyl FiguresCatwoman (DC Bombshells)
 61 Action Figures Produced
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