Rachel Summers
Name:Rachel Summers
Real Name:Rachel Summers
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Race:Human Mutant
Origin:Alternate future Earth (the Earth-811)
Base of Operations:Xavier School.
Created By:Chris Claremont,John Byrne & John Romita.
1st Appearance:The Uncanny X-Men #141(January 1981)
Affiliations:Hounds,X-Men,New Mutants(from Earth-181),Excalibur,Clan Ascani,Starjammers,Jean Grey School,X-Treme Sanctions Executive.

The child of Jean Grey and Scott Summers from the Days of Future Past reality, Rachel Summers was forced to serve as a "Hound" by her slaver captor Ahab. Later free of the brainwashing, she would join the Excalibur team.
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