Real Name:Jennifer Walters
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Race:Human mutate
Base of Operations:The Gamma Base
Created By:Stan Lee & John Buscema
1st Appearance:Savage She-Hulk#1
Affiliations:Fantastic Four, Avengers, Agents of S.M.A.S.H

Caught in the crossfire of a criminal conspriacy, lawyer Jennifer Walters got a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, and found herself transformed into the uninhibited personification of her repressed longing for a life of adventure. The most powerful woman ever to walk the face of the Earth, She-Hulk retains her normal intelligence and personality. She-Hulk possesses superhuman strength and can press at least 75 tons. By and large, She-Hulk is impervious to injury, pain and disease: Her skin is able to withstand extremes of temperature, as well as tremendous stresses and impacts without puncture wounds or lacerations. She-Hulk's highly efficient physiology renders her immune to all terrestrial diseases.
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All Produced She-Hulk Action Figures
1996Toy BizIncredible HulkSeries 1Abomination
1996Toy BizIncredible HulkSeries 1She Hulk
1996Toy BizMarvel Universe10" ScaleShe-Hulk
1997Toy BizMarvel - Hall of FameShe-ForceSavage She-Hulk
2005Diamond SelectMarvel SelectExclusivesShe-Hulk (2005 Conventions)
2007Diamond SelectMarvel MinimatesWave 16 - AvengersWonder Man / She-Hulk
2007HasbroMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Blob SeriesShe-Hulk
2007HasbroMarvel Legends (Hasbro)ExclusivesShe-Hulk (Fantastic Four Outfit) (SDCC)
2008HasbroMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Fin Fang Foom SeriesShe-Hulk
2011HasbroMarvel Universe - Fury FilesComic Packs - X-MenWolverine / She-Hulk (Toys R Us)
2012HasbroMarvel Universe - Fury FilesWave 19She-Hulk
2013HasbroMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Hit Monkey SeriesRed She-Hulk (Hulkettes)
2017FunkoMarvel (Funko)Rock CandyShe-Hulk
 13 Action Figures Produced
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Vagen -
Monday, January 21, 2019
Missing the A-Force box set
doguipreacher -
Thursday, June 15, 2017
There are two more She-Hulk figures in the Incredible Hulk line by Toy Biz (96-97) that are not listed here.
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