Omega Red
Name:Omega Red
Real Name:Arkady Gregorivich
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Weight:425 lbs.
Race:Russian and American
Origin:Little is known of the past of Russian mutant Arkady Gregorivich before he became a serial killer. Eventually captured, Arkady was turned over to the KGB
Created By:Jim Lee
1st Appearance:X-Men #4 (1992)
Affiliations:Red Mafia, The General, Ivan Pushkin, and Matsu'o Tsurayaba, Upstarts

Created during the Cold War and locked in cryogenic deep-freeze because he was too dangerous to control, the Russian super-soldier known as Omega Red was later revived and recruited by the ruthless ninja assassins known as the Hand! Under their tutelage, he has learned to control his aura of death - an energy field that drains the life force of anyone near him. Combined with his carbonadium tendrils, Omega Red's powers make any battle with him a brush with death!
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All Produced Omega Red Action Figures
1993Toy BizX-MenSeries 4Omega Red
1994Toy BizX-Men10" FiguresOmega Red
1994Toy BizX-Men10" Metallic MutantsOmega Red
1994Toy BizX-Men - Steel MutantsSeries 1Spy Wolverine vs. Omega Red
1996Toy BizX-MenFlashbackOmega Red II
1998Toy BizMarvel - Heavy Metal HeroesBasic FiguresOmega Red
2000Toy BizX-Men - ClassicsBattle BlastersOmega Red
2005Toy BizMarvel Legends (Toy Biz)Series 10 - The Sentinel SeriesOmega Red
2008Diamond SelectMarvel MinimatesToys R Us 2-Packs - Wave 10"Danger Room" Wolverine / Omega Red
2018HasbroMarvel Legends - Infinite SeriesSauron SeriesOmega Red
 10 Action Figures Produced
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