Elven Warrior
Name:Elven Warrior
Base of Operations:Middle Earth
Created By:JRR Tolkien
Universe:Lord of the Rings

In the Second Age of Middle-earth, the Noldorin King Gil-galad assembled a mighty army of High Elves beneath his starry banner. Armed with elegantly curved blades, tall shields, bright spears and strong bows, the host of Gil-galad joined King Elendil's army of men in an alliance against the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron. Sauron's Orc minions, while more numerous, were no match for the Elves, who fought their way to the very doorstep of the Dark Lord's stronghold.
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All Produced Elven Warrior Action Figures
2002ApplauseLord of the Rings (Applause)Two Towers - Mini Character ReplicasAragorn / Elven Warrior / Uruk-Hai Soldier / Warg Rider / Eomer / King Theoden / Uruk-Hai Berserker
2002Toy BizLord of the Rings - Fellowship of the RingSeries 4Prologue Elven Warrior
2003Play AlongArmies of Middle EarthSoldiers and Scenes - Wave 2Elven Warriors of Helm's Deep
2003Play AlongArmies of Middle EarthSoldiers and Scenes - Wave 4Elven Soldiers
2003Toy BizLord of the Rings - TrilogyFellowship of the Ring - Series 1Prologue Elven Warrior
2004Toy BizLord of the Rings - Return of the KingGift PacksElves of Middle Earth
 6 Action Figures Produced
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