Isengard Orc
Name:Isengard Orc
Base of Operations:Isengard
Universe:Lord of the Rings

A foul, black-blooded, murderous race, Orcs are the servants of evil in Middle-earth. In his bid for power, the fallen wizard Saruman, employs vast legions of Orcs to drive his machines of war and craft the arms and plate that his Uruk-hai army would bear into battle. Scouting and raiding parties of Orcs he also sent out to harass and spy on the people of Rohan, burning their villages and ambushing their horsemen. King Theoden's own son was slain by a raiding party of Orcs from Isengard.
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2005Toy BizLord of the Rings - TrilogyTwo Towers - Series 3Isengard Orc (with Axe)
 1 Action Figures Produced
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