Publisher:Hasbro, Takara
Sex:Male programming
Base of Operations:Cybertron
1st Appearance:Transformers Collectors' Club Comic #11
Affiliations:Autobot aligned Mini-Cons

Landslide is at peace always. His long contemplation has taught him the path to inner stillness. He has let go of the physical world, and embraced the world beyond. Recently, he has discovered how to project his core programming out of his robotic body for a limited time and into astral space. There, he has encountered other, powerful beings, and learned many truths. Though Kobushi attempts to interrupt his meditation at every opportunity with petty challenges, Landslide has yet to fall before the aggressive robot's attacks, using his inner strength and passive nature to create the ultimate martial defense.
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All Produced Landslide Action Figures
2006HasbroTransformers - CybertronMini-ConsKobushi vs Landslide
 1 Action Figures Produced
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