Publisher:Hasbro, Takara
Sex:Male programming
Base of Operations:Cybertron
Affiliations:Autobot aligned Mini-Cons

Utilizing the Headmaster process, Rollout is able to form a binary bond with his weapons system to create a bigger Transformer. His enhanced form grants him complete control of one of the most powerful Autobot bodies ever created, which the civic-minded Mini-Con uses to help any and all life forms around him, whether they be Autobot, Mini-Con or human. Though physically frail in histrue form as a Mini-Con, Rollout's bigger mode permits him to tap into his innermost potential, allowing him to become the hero that he truly believes he is capable of being. Even though he is reluctant to admit it, Rollout secretly wishes to be permanently bonded to this form.
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All Produced Rollout Action Figures
2003HasbroTransformers - EnergonExclusivesOverload with Rollout / Optimus Prime with Corona Sparkplug (CostCo)
 1 Action Figures Produced
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