Real Name:John Henry Irons
Aliases:Man of Steel
Publisher:DC Comics
Origin:Death of Superman storyline
Base of Operations:Metropolis
Created By:Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove & Dennis Janke
Actors:Shaquille O'Neal
1st Appearance:Adventures of Superman #500
Affiliations:Justice League of America, Superman family
Powers:Steel suit granting super strength, flight and weapons

John Henry Irons was an inventor for the army, but he quit and became a construction worker. Shortly after the battle between Superman and Doomsday that ended in their mutual kill, John Henry found out that the street gangs of Metropolis were using the weapons he developed for the army, so John Henry decided to follow Superman's legacy, forging and donning an armor that made him a literal "Man of Steel". After the real Superman returned from the dead, the Man of Steel shortened his appelation to "Steel" and became one of Superman's closest allies, and later a member of the Justice League.
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All Produced Steel Action Figures
1995KennerSuperman - Man of SteelBasic FiguresSteel
1995KennerSuperman - Man of SteelDeluxe FiguresSteel (Blast Hammer)
1997KennerSteelBasic FiguresSteel
1997KennerSteelBasic FiguresSteel (Armor-Up)
1997KennerSteelBasic FiguresSteel (Power Gauntlet)
1997KennerSteelBasic FiguresSteel (Vapor Trail)
1997KennerSteelDeluxe FiguresSteel (Electromagnetic)
1997KennerSteelDeluxe FiguresSteel (Mobile Barrier)
1997KennerSteelVehiclesSteel Assault Cycle (with Blasthammer Steel)
1998KennerJustice League America (JLA)Basic FiguresSteel
2004DC DirectDC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesBox SetsSuperman
2004DC DirectReturn of SupermanBasic FiguresSteel
2006MattelDC Super Heroes (Mattel)Series 3Steel
2006MattelJustice League UnlimitedDC Super Heroes - Orange CardsSteel
2007DC DirectSuperman / BatmanSeries 3 - Public Enemies 2Steel (Natasha Irons)
2007Diamond SelectDC MinimatesSeries 4Steel / Cyborg Superman
2007MattelDC Super Heroes (Mattel)Series 5Steel
2007MattelDC Super Heroes (Mattel)Series 5Steel
2007MattelDC Super Heroes (Mattel)Series 6Steel (Black Highlights)
2007MattelJustice League Unlimited3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Orange CardsSuperman / Supergirl / Steel
2007MattelJustice League Unlimited3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Purple CardsSuperman / Supergirl / Steel
2008MattelJustice League UnlimitedDC Super Heroes - Purple CardsSteel
 22 Action Figures Produced
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