Weapon X
Name:Weapon X
Real Name:Logan
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Race:Human Mutant
Affiliations:Weapon X

When the scientists of the top secret Weapon X project wanted to create the ultimate soldier, they took the savage mutant named Logan and bonded the unbreakable metal Adamantium to his skeleton. But Logan defied his would-be masters and escaped, later using the Adamantium claws they gave him to become the mutant super hero Wolverine.
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All Produced Weapon X Action Figures
1994Toy BizX-Men10" FiguresWeapon X
1996Toy BizX-MenAge of ApocalypseWeapon X
1996Toy BizX-MenBox SetsX-Men Alternate-X
2006Toy BizMarvel Legends (Toy Biz)Giant Man SeriesWeapon X (Age of Apocalypse)
2006Toy BizMarvel Legends (Toy Biz)Giant Man SeriesWeapon X (Age of Apocalypse)
2008HasbroMarvel Super Hero SquadSeries 11Weapon X & Mystique
2009Diamond SelectMarvel MinimatesExclusives - 2009Wolverine Through the Ages Box Set
2009HasbroX-Men Origins: WolverineComic SeriesWeapon X
2009HasbroX-Men Origins: WolverineSetsWeapon X (with Stasis Chamber)
 9 Action Figures Produced
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