Real Name:Macdonald "Mac" Gargan
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Created By:Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
1st Appearance:Amazing Spider-Man #19
Affiliations:Masters of Evil, Sinister Six

Mac Gargan volunteered to be the subject of an experiment funded by J. Jonah Jameson to create a superhuman being to battle Spider-Man! Gargan’s physical strength was multiplied many times, and he was fitted with a cybernetic tail of awesome destructive potential. Now, the sinister Scorpion prowls the underworld of Manhattan seeking two things: the death of the amazing Spider-Man, and revenge on his one-time benefactor J. Jonah Jameson!
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All Produced Scorpion Action Figures
1994Toy BizSpider-Man (Toy Biz)Animated - Series 3Scorpion
1996Toy BizMarvel UniverseBasic FiguresScorpion
1996Toy BizSpider-Man (Toy Biz)Mini-PlaycasesOscorp Underground Reactor
1997Toy BizSpider-Man (Toy Biz)Web TrapSinister Scorpion
2001Toy BizSpider-Man - Classics (Toy Biz)Multi-PacksSpider-Man (Battle Ravaged) vs Scorpion
2001Toy BizSpider-Man - Classics (Toy Biz)Water WarsScorpion (Aqua-Squirt)
2004Toy BizSpider-Man (2000)Series 11Scorpion (Tail Strike)
2005Toy BizSpider-Man (2000)Series 14Scorpion (Tail-Strike)
2005Toy BizSpider-Man (2000)Stunt System - Series 2Flip 'n Trap Pizza Parlor
2007HasbroMarvel Super Hero SquadSpider-Man Series 3Spider-Man & Scorpion
2007HasbroSpider-Man 3 - MovieBasic FiguresScorpion (Poison Blast)
2007HasbroSpider-Man 3 - MovieBasic FiguresScorpion (Stinger Strike Tail)
2008Diamond SelectMarvel MinimatesToys R Us 2-Packs - Wave 5House of M Spider-Man / Scorpion
2009Diamond SelectMarvel MinimatesWave 30Spider-Man (House of M) / Scorpion
 14 Action Figures Produced
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Vagen -
Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Mortal Kombat character is not the same as Marvel character.
Captain Coder -
Saturday, February 16, 2019
Fixed, thanks!
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