Real Name:David North
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Race:Human Mutant
Created By:Jim Lee & John Byrne
1st Appearance:X-Men #5
Affiliations:Weapon X

A secret agent formerly allied with both Wolverine and Sabretooth, Maverick is as tough a customer as they come! A master strategist and martial artist, Maverick is one of the foremost mercenaries in the world, accepting any assignment… as long as the price is right! With both espionage skills and the mutant ability to absorb kinetic impact, Maverick is a hard man to keep down indeed!
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All Produced Maverick Action Figures
1988HasbroG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionSeries 6 - Battle Force 2000Maverick
1994Toy BizX-MenKayBee ExclusivesMaverick vs. Trevor Fitzroy
1995Toy BizX-MenMutant Genesis SeriesMaverick
2009HasbroX-Men Origins: WolverineComic SeriesMaverick
 4 Action Figures Produced
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