Race:All Jawas
Base of Operations:Tatooine
Created By:George Lucas
1st Appearance:Episode IV: A New Hope
Universe:Star Wars

Jawas are scavengers from planet Tatooine, who find stranded droids and sell them.
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All Produced Jawa Action Figures
1977KennerStar WarsBasic FiguresJawa
1977KennerStar WarsBasic FiguresJawa
1979KennerStar WarsLarge SizeJawa
1996KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIHologram Green CardJawas
1996KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIRed CardJawas
1997KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IICreature SetsRonto & Jawa
1998KennerStar Wars - Collector SeriesAction CollectionJawa
1999KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIComm-TechJawa (with GONK)
2003KennerStar Wars - Saga12" Scale - A New HopeJawas
2004HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 4Jawa / Tusken Raider
2004HasbroStar Wars - Original Trilogy CollectionBasic FiguresJawas
2004HasbroStar Wars - Original Trilogy CollectionExclusivesJawas Holiday Set (2004 Holiday Edition)
2007HasbroStar Wars - 30th Anniversary CollectionA New HopeJawa & LIN Droid (Tatooine Scavenger)
2007HasbroStar Wars - UnleashedBattle PacksTrouble on Tatooine: Jawas & Droids
2008HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionBlue / White CardsJawa & WED Treadwell Droid
2009HasbroStar Wars - Clone Wars (2008)White / Red CardsJawas
2009HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionRed / White CardsJawa & Security Droid
2009HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionRed / White CardsJawa with WED Treadwell Droid
2010HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 21R2-D2 / Jawas
2014HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - Tie Pilot3.75" ScaleJawas
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Pop! Bobble-HeadJawa
2017FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Mystery MinisJawa (A New Hope)
2017HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - 40th Anniversary6" ScaleJawa
2018HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - Red6" ScaleJawa
 24 Action Figures Produced
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