Race:protocol droid
Sex:Male-looking droid
Actors:Anthony Daniels
1st Appearance:Episode IV: A New Hope
Universe:Star Wars
Affiliations:galactic republic, rebel alliance, new republic

C-3PO is a protocol droid who, alongside his friend R2-D2, has lived many adventures when going from one master to other, until they end with the Rebel alliance and later Luke Skywalker.
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All Produced C-3PO Action Figures
FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Barnes & Noble ExclusivesC-3PO
FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Movie Moments PlaysetsEscape Pod Landing (Walmart)
FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Smuggler's Bounty ExclusivesC-3PO [Unfinished]
GlassliteStar Wars (Glasslite)DroidsC-3PO
GlassliteStar Wars (Glasslite)Power of the ForceC-3PO
HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesSingle PacksC-3PO
HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesStocking StuffersHan Solo / Chewbacca / C-3PO
HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 11Chewbacca / Disassembled C-3PO
1977KennerStar WarsBasic FiguresC-3PO
1979KennerStar WarsLarge SizeC-3PO
1982KennerStar Wars - Empire Strikes BackBasic FiguresC-3PO (Removable Limbs)
1985KennerStar Wars - DroidsBasic FiguresC-3PO
1993Just ToysStar Wars - Bend-EmsGift SetsDarth Vader / Stormtrooper / Luke Skywalker / R2-D2 / C-3PO / Princess Leia / Emperor / Wicket
1993Just ToysStar Wars - Bend-EmsGift SetsObi Wan Kenobi / Princess Leia / Han Solo / C-3PO
1993Just ToysStar Wars - Bend-EmsGift SetsStormtrooper / R2-D2 / C-3PO / Darth Vader
1993Just ToysStar Wars - Bend-EmsSeries 1C-3PO
1993Just ToysStar Wars - Bend-EmsSeries 1C-3PO
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIFlashback PhotosC-3PO
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIFreeze FrameC-3PO (Removable Limbs)
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIHologram Green CardC-3PO
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIJapanC-3PO (Green Tint)
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIRed CardC-3PO
1997KennerStar Wars - Collector SeriesCollector SeriesC-3PO
1997KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force II3-PackStormtrooper / R2-D2 / C-3PO
1997KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IICoin CollectionC-3PO
1999HasbroStar Wars - Phantom Menace12" Scale - Electronic FiguresC-3PO Protocol Droid
1999HasbroStar Wars - Phantom MenaceCollection 2C-3PO
1999KennerStar Wars - Collector SeriesAction Collection - 2-PacksC-3PO & R2-D2 (Electronic)
1999KennerStar Wars - Collector SeriesMasterpiece EditonC-3PO - Tales of the Golden Droid
1999KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIEpic ForceC-3PO
2000HasbroStar Wars - Phantom MenaceForeign ExclusiveC-3PO (with Battle Droid)
2001KennerStar Wars - Power of the JediSuper DeformedC-3PO
2002KennerStar Wars - SagaAttack of the ClonesC-3PO (Protocol Droid)
2002KennerStar Wars - SagaAttack of the Clones - Background InsertsC-3PO (Protocol Droid)
2002KennerStar Wars - SagaAttack of the Clones - Deluxe FiguresC-3PO (with Droid Factory Assembly Line)
2003KennerStar Wars - SagaExclusivesC-3PO / R2-D2 (Holiday Edition)
2003KennerStar Wars - SagaUltraC-3PO (Tatooine Escape)
2004HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 1C-3PO / Chewbacca
2004HasbroStar Wars - Jedi ForceWhite PackagingC-3PO / R2-D2
2004HasbroStar Wars - Original Trilogy CollectionBasic FiguresC-3PO
2004HasbroStar Wars - Original Trilogy CollectionCommemorative Trilogy DVD CollectionA New Hope
2004HasbroStar Wars - Original Trilogy CollectionVintage StyleC-3PO
2004KennerStar Wars - SagaA New HopeC-3PO (Death Star Rescue)
2004KennerStar Wars - SagaA New HopeC-3PO (Tatooine Ambush)
2005HasbroStar Wars - Jedi ForceBlue PackagingC-3PO / R2-D2
2005HasbroStar Wars - Revenge of the SithCollection 2C-3PO (Protocol Droid)
2006HasbroStar Wars - Saga CollectionBasic FiguresChewbacca with Electronic C-3PO
2006HasbroStar Wars - Saga CollectionBattle of EndorC-3PO (with Ewok Throne)
2006HasbroStar Wars - Saga CollectionBattle of GeonosisC-3PO (with Battle Droid Head)
2006HasbroStar Wars - Saga CollectionEpisode III Greatest BattlesC-3PO
2007HasbroStar Wars - 30th Anniversary CollectionReturn of the JediC-3PO & Salacious Crumb (Jabba's Servants)
2007HasbroStar Wars - 30th Anniversary CollectionSaga LegendsC-3PO (Battle Droid Head)
2008HasbroStar Wars - Clone Wars (2008)White / Blue CardsC-3PO
2008HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionBattle PacksResurgence of the Jedi
2008HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionBattle PacksTraining on the Falcon
2008HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionBlue / White Cards - Saga LegendsC-3PO
2008HasbroStar Wars - Mighty MuggsSeries 2C-3PO
2009HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionRed / White Cards - Saga LegendsC-3PO (with Ewok Throne)
2010HasbroStar Wars - Saga Legends (2010)Basic FiguresC-3PO
2010HasbroStar Wars - Vintage CollectionBasic FiguresSee-Threepio (C-3PO)
2011HasbroStar Wars - Vintage CollectionExclusives - TargetAndroid Set (C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca)
2012SideshowStar Wars (Sideshow)Real Action HeroesC-3PO
2013HasbroStar Wars - Movie HeroesBattle PacksRebel Heroes
2013HasbroStar Wars - Saga Legends (2013)Mission SeriesTantive IV (R2-D2 / C-3PO)
2014HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - Tie Pilot3.75" ScaleC-3PO
2014HasbroStar Wars - RebelsMission SeriesR2-D2 / C-3PO
2015DisneyStar Wars - Elite SeriesExclusivesD23 Expo 2015 Set
2015DisneyStar Wars - Elite SeriesForce AwakensC-3PO (Red Arm)
2015FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Convention ExclusivesC-3PO [2015 Summer Convention - SDCC]
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)PlushiesC-3PO
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Pop! Bobble-HeadC-3PO
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Pop! Bobble-HeadC-3PO (Red Arm)
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)WobblersC-3PO
2016HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - Red6" ScaleC-3PO (Resistance Base)
2016HasbroStar Wars - Force AwakensMulti-PacksR2-D2 / C-3PO (Snow Mission)
2017DisneyStar Wars - Elite SeriesLast JediC-3PO
2017FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Mystery MinisC-3PO (A New Hope)
2017HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - 40th Anniversary6" ScaleC-3PO
2017HasbroStar Wars - Hero MashersBasic FiguresC-3PO
2017HasbroStar Wars - Last JediBasic FiguresC-3PO
2018FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Pop! Bobble-HeadC-3PO (Santa Costume)
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