Real Name:Raven Darkholme
Publisher:Marvel Comics
Race:Human Mutant
Created By:Chris Claremont & Jim Mooney
Actors:Rebecca Romjin-Stamos
1st Appearance:Ms Marvel #16
Affiliations:Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Freedom Force

Whether operating undercover or fronting a band of thieves, the metamorphic mutant known as Mystique possesses an almost pathological capacity for deception. A mutant metamorph, Mystique can psionically shift the atoms and molecules of her body and clothing so as to mimic the appearance of any human, humanoid, or semi-humanoid being of either sex. Her control is so precise she can exactly replicate another person's retina, finger, palm and skin-pore patterns; even vocal cords are not beyond her ability to duplicate. A sworn enemy of the human race, Mystique wages a one-woman war against those who hate and fear humans.
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All Produced Mystique Action Figures
1994Toy BizX-Men10" FiguresMystique
1996Toy BizX-MenMonster ArmorMystique
2000Toy BizX-Men - MovieSeries 1Mystique
2005Toy BizMarvel Legends (Toy Biz)Series 10 - The Sentinel SeriesMystique
2006Diamond SelectMarvel MinimatesWave 11Rogue / Mystique
2008Diamond SelectMarvel MinimatesToys R Us 2-Packs - X-Men: First ClassMagneto / Mystique
2008HasbroMarvel Super Hero SquadSeries 11Weapon X & Mystique
2010HasbroMarvel Universe - Fury FilesWave 10Mystique
2012HasbroMarvel Legends (Hasbro)Epic HeroesMystique
2015FunkoMarvel (Funko)DorbzMystique
2015FunkoMarvel (Funko)Pop! VinylMystique
2017FunkoMarvel (Funko)Rock CandyMystique (Collector Corps)
2019HasbroMarvel Legends - Infinite SeriesExclusivesMystique (Walgreens)
 13 Action Figures Produced
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timbalero -
Saturday, September 5, 2015
I just made an actionfigure of this character by myself. It is very beatiful, but I don't know how to upload the picture.
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