Height:0,65 mt
Base of Operations:Dagobah
Created By:George Lucas
Actors:Frank Oz
1st Appearance:Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Universe:Star Wars
Affiliations:Jedi order

Like the swamp planet Dagobah where he lived out his last years, the Jedi Master Yoda was shrouded in mystery. A diminutive, green-skinned creature, Yoda faithfully served the Galactic Republic as one of the 12 members of the Jedi Council. For over 800 years, the diminutive Jedi Master known as Yoda trained the most committed students in the ways of the Force, guiding them into their roles as Jedi Knights, protectors of peace in the galaxy.

When the Emperor seized control of the galaxy, he ordered the elimination of all Jedi. In his darkest hour, Yoda, the last known Jedi Master, went into a life of hiding on Dagobah. When Luke Skywalker searched out Yoda for Jedi training on the advice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi Master had reservations, but he chose to instruct young Skywalker in the ways of the Force.
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All Produced Yoda Action Figures
DisneyInfinity3.0 EditionYoda
FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Walgreens ExclusivesYoda [Spirit]
HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesStocking StuffersLuke Skywalker / Yoda / R2-D2
HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 15Luke Skywalker with Yoda / Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi
1981KennerStar Wars - Empire Strikes BackBasic FiguresYoda
1981KennerStar Wars - Empire Strikes BackBasic FiguresYoda
1993Just ToysStar Wars - Bend-EmsGift SetsStormtrooper / Wicket / Yoda / Chewbacca
1993Just ToysStar Wars - Bend-EmsSeries 1Yoda
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIFlashback PhotosYoda
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIHologram Green CardYoda
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIHologram Red CardYoda
1995KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIRed CardYoda
1998KennerStar Wars - Collector SeriesAction CollectionYoda
1998KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIComplete GalaxyDagobah (with Yoda)
1999HasbroStar Wars - Phantom MenaceCollection 2Yoda (Jedi Council Chair)
2000HasbroStar Wars - Phantom MenaceForeign ExclusiveYoda (with Battle Droid)
2001KennerStar Wars - Power of the Jedi12" ScaleLuke Skywalker and Yoda
2002KennerStar Wars - SagaAttack of the ClonesYoda (Jedi Master)
2002KennerStar Wars - SagaAttack of the Clones - Deluxe FiguresYoda (with Super Battle Droid)
2003HasbroStar Wars - Clone Wars (Animated)Army of the RepublicYoda
2003HasbroStar Wars - Unleashed2003 UnleashedYoda
2003KennerStar Wars - Saga12" Scale - Attack of the ClonesYoda (Ultimate Jedi Master)
2003KennerStar Wars - SagaAttack of the ClonesYoda & Chian (Padawan Lightsaber Training)
2003KennerStar Wars - SagaExclusivesYoda (Holiday Edition)
2004HasbroStar Wars - Clone Wars (Animated)Animated SeriesYoda
2004HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesBackpack HeroesYoda
2004HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesExclusive SetsYoda & R2-D2 (Burger King Promotion)
2004HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 2Yoda / Clone Trooper
2004HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 5Emperor Palpatine / Yoda
2004HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 7Yoda / Kashyyyk Trooper
2004HasbroStar Wars - Original Trilogy CollectionBasic FiguresYoda (Dagobah Training)
2004HasbroStar Wars - Original Trilogy CollectionVintage StyleYoda
2004KennerStar Wars - SagaAttack of the ClonesYoda (Jedi High Council)
2005DisneyStar Wars - Star ToursBasic FiguresYoda / Mickey Mouse
2005HasbroStar Wars - Force BattlersSeries 1Yoda (Whirling Lightsaber Attack!)
2005HasbroStar Wars - Jedi ForceBlue PackagingYoda (with Swamp Stomper)
2005HasbroStar Wars - Jedi ForceWhite PackagingYoda / Luke Skywalker
2005HasbroStar Wars - Revenge of the SithCollection 1Yoda (Firing Cannon!)
2005HasbroStar Wars - Revenge of the SithCollection 1Yoda (Spinning Attack!)
2005HasbroStar Wars - Revenge of the SithDeluxe FiguresYoda (Fly into Battle!)
2005HasbroStar Wars - Revenge of the SithExclusivesYoda (Holographic) (Toys R Us)
2005HasbroStar Wars - Unleashed2005 UnleashedPalpatine vs. Yoda
2006HasbroStar Wars - Saga CollectionBattle of GeonosisYoda
2006HasbroStar Wars - Saga CollectionEpisode III Heroes & VillainsYoda
2007HasbroStar Wars - 30th Anniversary CollectionExpanded UniverseYoda & Kybuck (Jedi Master)
2007HasbroStar Wars - 30th Anniversary CollectionSaga LegendsYoda
2008HasbroStar Wars - 30th Anniversary CollectionOrder 66 - Series 1Yoda / Kashyyyk Trooper
2008HasbroStar Wars - Clone Wars (2008)White / Blue CardsYoda
2008HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionBattle PacksJedi Training on Dagobah
2008HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionBlue / White Cards - Saga LegendsYoda & Kybuck
2008HasbroStar Wars - Mighty MuggsSeries 4Yoda
2009HasbroStar Wars - Clone Wars (2008)White / Red CardsYoda
2009HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionRed / White Cards - Saga LegendsYoda
2010HasbroStar Wars - Clone Wars (2008)Battle Game CardsYoda
2010HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 22Yoda / ARF Trooper
2010HasbroStar Wars - Saga Legends (2010)Basic FiguresYoda
2010HasbroStar Wars - Vintage CollectionBasic FiguresYoda
2012HasbroStar Wars - Clone Wars (2012)Darth Maul PackageYoda
2012HasbroStar Wars - Fighter PodsBasic FiguresYoda
2012HasbroStar Wars - Fighter PodsBasic FiguresYoda
2012HasbroStar Wars - Fighter PodsBasic FiguresYoda Hologram
2012HasbroStar Wars - Movie HeroesDarth Maul PackageYoda (Whirling Lightsaber Action)
2012HasbroStar Wars - Movie HeroesDiscover the ForceYoda
2012HasbroStar Wars - Movie HeroesYoda Package - VehiclesYoda's Jedi Attack Fighter (with Yoda / Super Battle Droid)
2013HasbroStar Wars - Movie HeroesYoda PackageYoda
2013HasbroStar Wars - Saga Legends (2013)Basic FiguresYoda (Revenge Of The Sith)
2013HasbroStar Wars - Saga Legends (2013)Mission SeriesSenate Duel (Darth Sidious / Yoda)
2014HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - Blue6" ScaleYoda (The Empire Strikes Back)
2014HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - Orange3.75" ScaleYoda
2014HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - Tie Pilot3.75" ScaleYoda
2014HasbroStar Wars - RebelsMission SeriesDarth Sidious / Yoda
2014HasbroStar Wars - RebelsMission SeriesR2-D2 / Yoda
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Computer SitterYoda
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Pop! Bobble-HeadDagobah Yoda
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Pop! Bobble-HeadYoda
2016FunkoStar Wars (Funko)WobblersYoda
2016HasbroStar Wars - Force AwakensMulti-PacksAnakin Skywalker / Yoda (Forest Mission)
2017FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Mystery MinisYoda (Empire Strikes Back)
2017HasbroStar Wars - Hero MashersBox SetsYoda vs. Emperor Palpatine
2017HasbroStar Wars - Last JediBasic FiguresYoda
2017HasbroStar Wars - Last JediMulti-PacksEra of the Force (Target)
2018FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Pop! Bobble-HeadYoda (Santa Costume)
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