Ponda Baba
Name:Ponda Baba
Aliases:Walrus Man
Height:1,85 mts
Weight:84 kg
Origin:Live-action films
Created By:George Lucas
1st Appearance:Episode IV: A New Hope
Universe:Star Wars

Ponda Baba is an smuggler and pirate who once picked on Luke Skywalker at the Mos Esley cantina, which caused Ben Kenobi to jump on Luke's defense and slice Ponda Baba's arm with his lightsaber.
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All Produced Ponda Baba Action Figures
HasbroStar Wars - Galactic HeroesWave 13Ponda Baba / Snaggletooth
1996KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIGreen CardPonda Baba
1996KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force IIHologram Green CardPonda Baba
1998KennerStar Wars - Power of the Force II12" ScalePonda Baba
2012HasbroStar Wars - Vintage CollectionBasic FiguresPonda Baba (Walrus Man)
2017FunkoStar Wars (Funko)Mystery MinisPonda Baba (A New Hope)
2017HasbroStar Wars - Black Series - Red3.75" Scale - Wal-MartPonda Baba
 7 Action Figures Produced
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