Judge Death
Name:Judge Death
Real Name:Sidney
Aliases:Judge DEATH, J De'ath
Height:Varies due to New body/spirit/supernatural abiliti
Origin:Judge Dredd
Base of Operations:Deadworld
Created By:John Wagner & Brian Bolland
1st Appearance:1980 in 2000ad
Universe:2000 AD
Affiliations:Dark Judges and Dark Sisters
Powers:Judge. Psychic abilities, Dimension travel, Immortal/Undead/Spirit. Super Strength, Sharp fingers and the ability to Phase through solid objects and flesh/bone (main way he kills his victims).

Sidney was the son of a dentist. His Father used to torture and then kill his "patients" which ultimately ended up with Sidney reporting his Father to the "DEADWORLD" Judges.
They rewarded him by making him a Judge Cadet. As a cadet he had the pleasure to Stop the "worms in his Father's head" by execution.
He excelled at aggressive, Psychotic means which also got him into bother. Which led to his affiliation to having the Witch Sisters Phobia and Nausea.
With them he came to realise that "ALL CRIME is created by the LIVING". Thus to stop this "LIFE IS A CRIME".
The Sisters turned Sidney to the Undead Spirit who took the Mantle DEATH.

Death gathered his three trusted Lieutenants and had them undergo the same witchcraft turning them into JUDGES FEAR, FIRE & MORTIS. To which the Four DARK Judges then went onto JUDGE the entire planet, Killing everyone.

Once their planet had been purged of the criminals, Judge DEATH went and dimension jumped to Earth & MEGA CITY ONE (presuming the other three Dark judges followed suit to other dimensions).
Judge Death tried to bring Justice to the Living "All Crime is by the Living. The Ssssentence is Death" until confronted by Mega City Ones own Judicial Forces led by DREDD.
They bested Death by Anderson sacrificing herself by trapping Death's spirit within her own mind and Anderson then being trapped inside BIONG.

Alas the other Dark Judges soon had reason to come to Earth in search of their leader. Duping a MC1 citizen into freeing Death, he was taken back to his brethren and given the body of the duped MC1 citizen.
Then the Four Dark Judges proceeded to entrap an entire City Block and pass Judgement.
A recouping Anderson arrived on scene to assist Dredd getting through the barrier to prevent the death toll. The Dark Judges eventually fled back to their own world but Dredd & Anderson had one of their Dimension Jump devices and followed to DEADWORLD.

Anderson with the assistance of the vengeful spirits coursing through her defeated the Dark Judges.

Alas that was not the end of the Story.
More attempts were made to kill the living in MC1 which ended with the Dark Judges being captured and held in Sealed containers.

The Dark Sisters used their Psychic abilities to build a bridge over dimensions back to MC1, they Severely injured DREDD (see DREDD profile comment DEADMAN) and also injured Anderson. Thus they had no problem releasing their Dark Judge brethren and proceeded to turn MEGA CITY ONE into NECROPOLIS. Utilising the Judges by control via the Dark Sisters to assist in Killing the citizens of MC1.

Dredd returning to MC1 along with Former Chief Judge McGruder (who had taken the long walk long ago) found a wounded Anderson and a handful of Cadets.
They were able to severe the Psychic bridge to the sisters still on Deadworld and then using the judges returned to themselves, fought the Dark Judges.

Death escaped by hiding with 60 million Dead corpses buried in one of the mass graves. Later he got out and rented a room of an almost Blind Land lady. He called himself J De'ath. There he had his story taken down before fleeing once again.
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