Barc Trooper
Name:Barc Trooper
Created By:George Lucas
1st Appearance:Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Universe:Star Wars
Affiliations:Galactic Republic

Clone troopers operate BARC speeders to increase their mobility. Using this one-man speeder, a clone trooper can cover more ground with greater speed and firepower than a trooper on foot. The speeder can be loaded with far greater firepower than a standard trooper can carry, allowing heavy ordnance to be deployed quickly to nearly any point on the battlefield.
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All Produced Barc Trooper Action Figures
2005HasbroStar Wars - Revenge of the SithVehiclesBarc Speeder (with Barc Trooper)
2008HasbroStar Wars - 30th Anniversary CollectionOrder 66 - Series 2Tsui Choi / BARC Trooper
2008HasbroStar Wars - Legacy CollectionBlue / White Cards - Saga LegendsBarc Trooper
 3 Action Figures Produced
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