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If you're tired of running around, who are we kidding, if you're tired of surfing from site-to-site searching in vain for all the different series and all the different figures made of your favorite character, then you've come to the right place! This section of Figure Realm is designed to help you find every figure ever made of a certain character. Not only that, you can even get all vital statistics on the character! Their height, eye-color, history, creator, favorite hat, everything, and best of all, you decide what to write! Use the Contribute Link at the bottom of the character pages to send us missing and accurate information about the character and help contribute to the community.
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Gamora  (by MCollector on June 26, 2015)Deathstroke (the Terminator)  (by bibbyshibby on June 22, 2015)
Black Mask  (by DAMartin on June 19, 2015)Shadow Weaver  (by DAMartin on June 19, 2015)

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