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Chief Engineer Michaelangelo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Star Trek Turtles
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The Bodacious "Beam Me Up" Buddy!

Chief Engineer Michaelangelo's Star Trek Gear: Classic Foot Findin' Phaser, Mutant Engineerin' Taste-testin' Tricorder, Pizzarium-powered Thin Crust Classic Communicator, Warp Engine Defendin' Nebula Nunchakus, Star Trek Shell Action Base
Favorite Episode: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Favorite Line: "Capt'n! We're losin' pizzas - and I don't know why!"
Favorite Order: Extra large with anchovies

When the pizza sauce engines are overloadin' and the life support systems are down, there's only one Star Trek Turtle the Captain can count on - Chief Engineer Michaelangelo. Formerly the chief engineer on the U.S.S. Anchovy, now Michaelangelo's the Turtle tech genius aboard the famous U.S.S. Enterprise - and it's his job to keep things in one piece. He constantly monitors the taste of the engines with his Mutant engineerin' taste-testin' tricroder, one wrong ingredient and things could get very messy. And if those far flung Foot or rebel Romulans try to steal the U.S.S. Enterprse's power sauce supply, Chief Engineer Michaelangelo has the classic Foot findin' phaser that he's just itchin' to try out. And there's no match against Michaelangelo's trusty engine defendin' nebula nunchakus. But his most valuable tool is his self-designed pizzarium-powered thin crust classic communicator, which he uses to keep in constant contact with his crew mates, Captain Leonardo, First Officer Donatello and Chief Medical Officer Raphael. Michaelangelo has an innate sense of when the Captain's gonna want to push the engine past sauce factor 8!
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